Digital Advertising Strategist

Digital Advertising Strategist

Overview: WestWest Digital is hiring a Digital Advertising Strategist to serve as the main point of contact for digital advertising strategy. You’ll manage digital ads for the clients from top-to-bottom with support from other WWD team members — forming a strong relationship with the client and embedding in their campaign team. 


  • Serve as the main point of contact for clients for all aspects of digital advertising from Facebook to Google Ads and other platforms
  • WWD’s in-house expert on digital advertising
  • Develop a calendar for social media ads and posts
  • Write and edit advertisements, landing pages, and other copy for specific clients
  • Create basic graphics for social media posts (Canva, Sketch, Photoshop at times)
  • Test and think analytically about advertising campaigns (A/B at a minimum) — what works and what doesn’t work, continuously learn and adapt
  • Make creative recommendations to enhance ad experience and effectiveness — not just ok with status quo 


  • 4  years of experience running digital marketing campaigns for political campaigns or organizations (adjacent experience may qualify)
  • Experience writing copy in the digital ad space
  • Experience liaising with political campaigns
  • Comfort working remote with Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Google Drive
  • Commitment and desire to play a role in leading progressive campaigns and organizations 


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible part-time or full-time arrangement

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